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Amorphous Metals

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  Day   Topic Literature Transparancies

Introduction  (PP-presentation)

C.A. Angell, Science 267, 1924 Transparancies I
16.04.19 Preparation of amorphous materials J.Schroers, Advanced Materials 22, 1566 (2010)

23.04.19 Lab-Tour    
30.04.19 no lecture    

Thermodynamics of Metallic Glass

Porter-Easterling, Chapter 1

R. Busch et al., JAP , 83, 4134 (1998)

S. Glade et al., JAP , 87, 7242(2000)

Z. Evenson et al., JAP , 107,  123529 (2010)

I. Gallino et al., JAP , 108, 063501 (2010)

Transparancies II

Ehrenfest- Equations, Viscosity, Fragility


W.L. Johnson, MRS Bulletin 24,  42 (1999)

R. Busch et al., Applied Physics Letters
72,  2696 (1998).

R. Busch et al., MRS Bulletin 32, 620 (2007).


Transparencies III


21.05.19 Fragility, Angell plot, Z. Evenson, R. Busch, Acta Materialia 59, 4404 (2011)

Transparencies IV


Adam-Gibbs model, Free volume model (Gallino)


4.06.19 Relaxation and Rejuvenation  



Structure of amorphous alloys

D.B. Mircacle, Acta Materialia 54, 4317 (2006).

M. Stolpe et al. Physical Review B 93, 014201 (2016)

Transparencies V


Mechanical properties: Deformation, Shear bands, Ashby maps.

C.A. Schuh et al., Acta Materialia 55, 4067 (2007).

M.F. Ashby and A.L.Greer, Scripta Materialia 54, 321 (2006)

Transparencies VI



 Mechanical properties: Ductility, Fracture, Fatique, Toughening.

 M.E. Launey et al., Acta Materialia 56, 500 (2008)

C. Douglas et al., Nature 451, 1085 (2008)

 Transparencies VII


 no class




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Kinetics of amorphous systems

 KINETICS OF AMORPHOUS METALS Vorlesungsplan (Gallino)



   Lecture/Day   Topic Literature ISBN or DOI code
1/ 2.5.2019

Review of Thermodynamics and Diffusion

Porter-Easterling*, Chapter 1 and 2

Article: F. Faupel, et al., Diffusion in metallic glasses and supercooled melts, Rev. Mod. Phys. 75 (2003) 273-280

DOI: 10.3139/146.018046

*D.A. Porter and K.E. Easterling, PHASE TRANSFORMATIONS IN METALS AND ALLOYS, 2nd ed. Chapman & Hall (1992) ISBN 0-412-45030-5

2/ 9.5.2019 Solidification: Nucleation and Growth Theory Porter-Easterling*, Chapter  4  
3/ 16.5.2019

Metastability: Metastable Phase Diagram and To Concept


Kinetics of Thin Films and Solid State Amorphization

4/ 23.5.2019

Kinetics of Metallic Glasses

Article: R. Busch, I. Gallino, On the kinetic, thermodynamics and structure of bulk metallic glass forming liquids, JOM-J Min. Met. Mat.S. 69 (2017) 2178–2186 Transparencies
5/ 30.5.2019


6/ 6.6.2019 Fragility  Article: I. Gallino, On the fragility of bulk metallic glass forming liquids, Entropy 19 (2017) 483-497  
7/ 13.6.2019 Physical aging Article: I. Gallino, R. Busch, Relaxation pathways in metallic glasses, JOM-J Min. Met. Mat.S. 69 (2017) 2171–2177  
8/ 20.6.2019



9/ 27.6.2019 Oxidation kinetics on metallic glasses Article: S. Stanojevic, I. Gallino,H. Aboulfadl, M. Sahin, F. Mücklich, R. Busch, Oxidation of Glassy Ni-Nb-Sn Alloys and its Influence on the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Crystallization, Acta Materialia 102 (2016) 176-186  
10/ 4.7.2019

Final Project Work

11/ 11.7.2019

Final Project Work

12/ 18.7.2019

Final Project Work

 Report deadline 30.8.2019 Report on one of the topics listed in the next column. You can choose to focus on one of the following class of glasses: metallic, ionic, polymeric, hydrogen-bonded, van der Waals, and covalent glasses.

a)Thermodynamic properties

b)Kinetic properties

c)Atomic mobility (diffusion)

d)Connection between thermodynamic and kinetic properties

e)Metastable phase diagrams and polymorphic phase diagrams

f)Solid state amorphization

g) Glass transition

h) Glass forming ability

i) Fragility

j) Physical aging

k) Relaxation and rejuvenation

l) Oxidation or corrosion kinetics

m) Structure-related properties

n)Other properties like mechanical, optical, magnetic, ect.



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Stahlkunde II (Master)

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