Job Offers

We can offer a variety of positions for student research assistants (HIWI), Graduate students (PhD) and Junior Post-Docs in the field of Metallurgy.

Topics for Theses

General research topics:



  • advanced thermophysical property studies of bulk metallic glasses
  • alloy development of novel bulk metallic glasses
  • alloy development for crystalline inert anodes for salt bath electrolysis 
  • thermophysical properties of Al/Ni multilayered thin films
  • high energy syncrothrone XRD and XPCS studies
  • glass transition studies of metallic glasses



Bachelor and Master Theses:

  • production of bulk metallic glasses via arc melting and variuos casting routes
  • thermoplastic forming of metallic glasses
  • production of inert anodes via arc melting and casting
  • characterization of as-cast alloys: XRD, SEM, calorimetry (DSC/DTA), Flash calorimetry, standard mechanical testing, thermomechanical analyses (DMA/TMA), high-temperture oxidation and corrosion studies



Bachelor and Master Theses:


Alloy Development

Material Analysis

Process Optimization


If you are interested, send your application to lmw(at)