Amorphous Metal Solutions GmbH (short: AMS) is a technology start-up originating from Saarland University and the Chair of Metallic Materials (LMW). It has received funding from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and the European Social Fund through the EXIST research transfer program since 2019 due to its innovative business idea and disruptive and promising technology. The start-up from Saarland is one of the world's leading specialists in the field of amorphous metals. AMS has developed various alloys that can be used in industrial component production. The new materials from the Saarland company have a higher yield strength and hardness than steel and titanium, while at the same time possessing an elasticity that previously could only be achieved by plastics. In addition, the amorphous metal alloys exhibit higher corrosion resistance than stainless steels and are perfectly suited for use in medical applications due to their proven biocompatibility.  Currently, they are used as construction material for watches, endoscopes, prostheses, and hinges.

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