Course Overview

  • ATLANTIS Seminar (seminar, 2 hrs, English/German)
  • Intermetallic Compounds (lecture, 2 hrs, German)
  • Materials Testing (lecture, 2 hrs, German)
  • Mechanical Properties (lecture, 2 hrs, German)
  • Metal Technology (lecture, 2 hrs, German)
  • Nonferrous Metals I (lecture, 2 hrs, German)
  • Surface Engineering (lecture, 2 hrs, German)
  • Thermodynamics of Materials (lecture, 2 hrs, German)
  • Course Directory
  • Colloquium on Materials Science and Engineering




Further information

EU-US Atlantis Programme:

Prof. Ralf Busch coordinates this multilingual-multicultural-engineering program  with partner institutions in Corvallis, Oregon (USA) and Luleå, Norrbotten (Sweden). This undergraduate dual degree project focuses on the disciplines of materials science and mechanical engineering. The outcomes of the project will be the enhancement of undergraduate materials science and mechanical engineering education delivered with an integrated joint programme of study. For further information please follow this link here.

Bachelor in Materials Science (german)

International master-program AMASE

European study program EEIGM